Riverford Organic selling milk tainted with the blood of badgers

“Stop the Cull” heard recently about badger culling taking place on Riverford Organic Dairy Farm. So we went to the press and it’s been published in todays Times on page 3:
you can read the full story here:

Riverford veg boxes are clearly trying their best to distance themselves from Riverford Dairy.
“We have taken the decision not to implement the badger cull on land that we control ourselves as Riverford Organic Farmers, but we will not be putting pressure on any of our suppliers, or other parts of my family and their businesses to not participate or to participate in the cull.”
Guy Watson
Founder, Riverford Organic

Meanwhile Oliver Watson on his Riverford Dairy website is saying:
“Today, Riverford is a collection of three connected businesses – Riverford Organic Dairy, Riverford Organic and Riverford Farm Shops. Each business operates on the Riverford land and all the Watson children are actively involved. Oliver Watson runs the Farm and Dairy, Louise is on the Farm, Ben runs the Farm Shops, www.riverfordfarmshop.co.uk Guy and Rachel run Riverford Organic and it’s nationwide veg box scheme”


The three companies are connected and for the Riverford veg box scheme to say that they are a seperate entity is just flat out lies. Riverford Dairy as you can see from the above statement certainly don’t view themselves as seperate. Riverford Organic Veg even refer on their own website to the dairy farm as “Our Organic Dairy”

Whilst we are pleased that Riverford Organic Veg are not killing badgers on their arable land, the dairy farm adjoins the land, so badgers from across the Riverford veg and dairy farms can and will be getting targetted.

Riverford Organic in 2012 said:

It just isn’t possible to call yourself an ethical company and in the same breathe say you have no control over what your suppliers do. You can apply it to killing badgers or using child labour, if you don’t care what your suppliers do, then you cannot call yourself ethical.

Please contact Riverford as soon as possible, if you are a customer or were considering to be a customer, it’s very important they understand your views. You can find their contact details at the bottom of their webpage here: https://www.riverford.co.uk/

We want as many Riverford customers as possible to know about the companies involvement in killing badgers, to do that, we are going to promote a post on facebook that goes directly into their customers time lines. This does cost money and the more money we spend on it the more customers will see it. You can donate to help boost that post here:

Blood in the fields.

We are told the farmers want to kill badgers as a measure to control disease, so why have anti cull activists across the country been finding cages with blood and brains in them during the first week of culling?

Some of the finds are of locations where a cage trap has been put, a badger has been killed and the cage removed. Signs of the cage indentations were visible.

The Daily Mirror front page has got a lot of people talking about the rules and regulations of the badger cull, what a lot of people don’t know, is that the guidelines were totally overhauled after the first year of culling.

Why? because activists found multiple breaches, recorded and reported them.

What you see here is totally within the badger cull licence regulations as they currently stand.



Please do contact your MP and demand an immediate review of the benefits of badger culling as a method of disease control.

Liverpool Hunt Sabs

Cheshire Against The Cull

Cheshire Hunt Sabs

North Wiltshire
Stop the Cull

Blood and brains, still there 24 hours after the picture above was taken.

South Wiltshire
East Kent Sabs

South Dorset
Dorset Hunt Saboteurs

Devon County Hunt Saboteurs

Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs

If you have pictures and want them added here, please email us on stopthebadgercull@gmail.com and let us know if you want your groups name adding please.

Badger cull organiser has history of murder.

George Withers leaving court in 2010 after admitting to causing death from leaving mud on a road. Other drivers narrowly avoided crashing after also sliding on the mud.

We’ve done a lot of digging into George, he’s well known to be all smiles and laughter, but has a very very short temper. Known to be aggressive and a bully, several people we spoke to implored us not to mention that we’d spoken to him for fear of reprisals.

He’s also trying to cover up his contact details and in just the past week has had his listing removed from the yellow pages:

George Withers
Little Lype Farm, Moor Lane, Malmesbury SN16 9DR
Phone: 01666 822224
Mobile: 07850 598 088

Whilst following him when he was out shopping we noticed that he is on his mobile nearly all the time, you can send free texts to his phone telling him what you think of his attempts to kill thousands of badgers here: https://www.sendatext.co/United+Kingdom
choose united kingdom from the drop down menu where you see the american flag.

The longer George can be kept tied up on his mobile, the less chance he has of being able to organise the killing of badgers. Please do keep him on the phone for as long as you can.

un-Natural England, licenced to kill

At the end of the day, there would be no badger killing without licences, so who are the people hiding behind the scenes?

Natural England
Andrew Sells (Chairperson)
Sandy Farm, Sopworth, Chippenham, Wiltshire. SN14 6PP
01666 840100

James Cross (Chief Executive)
249 Westgate, Guisborough, Cleveland. TS14 6NJ

Non-executive Directors
Dr. Julia Aglionby
Wallacefield, Armathwaite, Carlisle, Cumbria. CA4 9SR
016974 72720
07702 100111

Dr. Andy Clements
13a Searle Street, Cambridge. CB4 3DB
01223 358213

William Cockbain
Rakefoot Farm, Castlerigg, Keswick, Cumbria. CA12 4TE
017687 75338

Teresa Dent
4 Millers Close, Mill Lane, Stratford sub Castle, Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP1 3LJ
01722 411971

Dr. Joe Horwood
25 Chipperfield Road, Kessingland, Lowestoft, Suffolk. NR33 7SS

Dr. Simon Lyster
Great Prestons Farm, Great Prestons Lane, Stock, Ingatestone, Essex. CM4 9RN
01277 840332

Nigel Reader
Little Croft, New Road, Trull, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 7NJ
01823 323184

Professor Michael Winter
Beaticombe, 87 Park Road, Hatherleigh, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 3JS
01837 851718

Gove Home

Mr. Gove
10 Lisgar Terrace,
Earls Court, London. W14 8SJ

The man who signed off on 30,000+ badgers to be killed, please do write him a letter or better still go and wait outside his house in London and give him an unpleasant surprise when he leaves for work.


Lack of Tetra radio hand sets, blows holes through badger cull roll out.

Since exposing the governments role in purchasing emergency services radio equipment, the badger cull has started to de-rail. We now have reports from insiders in two cull zones that the tetra radio equipment has now been withdrawn.



The fear is that anti cull saboteurs, now equipped with tetra radio detection units, will be able to quickly find free shooters and body vans.

If tetra radios have been withdrawn, we expect the police, defra and natural england to now have another omnishambles on their hands. Over and over throughout the badger killers risk assessment they are told if a serious incident occurs they must contact their control room ASAP. How can they do that with mobile phones when many of the cull zones have patchy reception? A: they can’t.

Please as a matter of urgency (the cull could start any day, it is weeks overdue already) email:
BTB@naturalengland.org.uk, pcc@wiltshire.pcc.pnn.gov.uk,  ContactPCC@PCCDorset.org.uk, opcc@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk, pcc@gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk, pcc@avonandsomerset.pnn.police.uk, police.crime.commissioner@cheshire.pnn.police.uk, defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk

To whom it may concern,
Now that badger cull companies are withdrawing tetra/airwaves equipment from those involved in free shooting badgers and instructing them to instead use mobile phones, can you please tell me how serious incidents with firearms will be reported by them when they are in an area of a badger cull with no mobile phone signal.

I eagerly await your reply

yours sincerely

Cadbury’s sponsor badger killing


Dairy farms in North Wiltshire today were found to have signs of prebaiting, they also had Cadbury’s suppliers signs up.

If you’d like to contact Manor Farm directly:
J.D Spencer & Sons. Manor Farm, Langley Burrell, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 4LL. Telephone: 01249 653261.

This won’t be the first time this farm has been in the spotlight, only a few years ago they were found guilty of polluting water.

People are currently out across the country looking for and finding peanuts that are being used to “prebait” badgers, the intention of farmers is to then entice badgers to locations where they can shoot them with rifles, or trap them in cages and blast them with shotguns.

Why are Cadbury’s happy to have suppliers that are killing badgers in a way branded inhumane by the British Veterinary Society? We hop all their customers will ask them, please do contact them as a matter of urgency on social media, email, telephone and ask them to stop purchasing milk from farms that kill badgers:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CadburyUK/
twitter: https://twitter.com/CadburyUK  @CadburyUk
email Cadbury uk president Mary Barnard: mary.barnard@mdlz.com
free phone cadbury: 0800 818 181

If we haven’t heard that Cadbury are dropping badger killing farms by 5pm Friday 8th September, we shall start work on getting stickers (for putting on choc bars), leaflets and posters ready for a full on boycott campaign.

If you’d like to support our work, please consider buying us a cup of coffee, thank you: https://ko-fi.com/A0307Y3

badger cull licences put on hold, but why?

Farmers weekly this morning:
Defra is expected to make an announcement on the resumption and expansion of the badger cull around mid-September.

A spokesman for Natural England said it had received 13 applications for culling licences in new areas for 2017.

But she added: “I am unable to confirm any further details as Natural England is currently considering these applications, as part of the usual licensing process.

“There is no set date for when the outcome of these applications will be announced.”

In the history of these badger culls, this is unprecedented. Licences are always published before 30th of August each year. Culling usually begins last week in August or the first week in September.

You can check previous years licences and explanations of the target number to kill here: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/bovine-tb-controlling-the-risk-of-bovine-tb-from-badgers

Supplementary licences have been issued for Somerset and Gloucestershire, you can read more about that here.

So we are left with the question, why are Somerset and Gloucestershire now licenced to go, but none of the other 8 culls zones which are already liceneced. Why should those previously licenced areas be put on hold whilst Natural England makes decisions on new licences.

It’s not only baffling anti cull activists, it’s creating a massive stir inside the farming communities, we have recieved multiple pieces of information all saying very similar things, that their is a serious issue between Defra and the Police. Cull company organisers are having emergency meetings and thats not surprising, when you have a badger cull organised and a team of employees who have been contracted to start the end of August.


Our best guess based on what we know is that the serious issue is a safety issue, that safety issue if it was related to free shooting, could mean that gloucestershire and somerset go ahead with only cage trapping until the free shooting issue is resolved (this is a guess and we would urge people in both areas to remain vigilant, nothing is known for certain at this point).

We can’t think of any other element of the badger culls that the police would be involved with other than safety. Perhaps ministers need to sign off on something before the culls can go ahead, MP’s are back in the house of commons on September 5th.

We can exlusively release the badger cull contractors risk assessment.

What is clear from reading the contractors risk assessment is that time and again shooters have to report to base during any incident and they must always have a radio and a phone. Experience tells us, that cage trappers didn’t get radios after the first year, but the free shooting contractors did.

With safety of the shooters hinging on their radios, perhaps the recent expose that they use emergency services radio kit paid for by the taxpayer really is a very vulnerable weak point. Saboteurs are keen to get into the field with tetra detecting equipment and one fact we do know;
Defra & the NFU are very unhappy.

If you’d like to buy us a cup of coffee to help us purchase equipment and fuel, you can buy one here: https://ko-fi.com/A0307Y3

Badger Cull Terror Threat


A recent expose showed that shooters are using the emergency services radio bandwidth, and that has safety implications for everyone. Not just badgers.

“Stop the Cull” recently found that badger cull shooters were having their radio equipment bought for them by taxpayers, that kit operates on the same frequencies as the emergency services, you can read about it here. (guardian link)

This story brings up a number of serious issues, as the headline in the guardian states, tax payers money is being spent on a cull that was supposed to be paid for by the farming community. Whilst many people will be rightly angry about that, a far more serious issue is being overlooked; Safety.

Shooters contracts specifically state that:

“If a contractor encounters anyone in the area of their intended activity they are to cease operations immediately and withdraw from the area, without engaging anyone and informing the operations centre of the event as soon as possible.”

Last year in a few areas some of the shooters completely ignored their “contractor risk assessment” which they had signed.

We know from this same document that all contractors are to have radios AND mobile phones fully charged when they go out and must radio in when they get home after a nights culling.

Many areas of the badger cull are in remote rural locations with poor mobile signal, the tetra hand sets are vital for shooters at night if they are to operate safely. That safety has now been obliterated by anti cull activists having tetra detectors.

But the real risk isn’t from anti cull activists. Criminals or terrorists could now feasibly purchase tetra detection devices, go into a cull zone, cover their faces, shine a torch into a shooters face and when the shooter stands down, overwhelm them and take their gun from them. Whether or not this is likely to happen is debatable, BUT if shooters are concerned that they might face having weapons stolen from them then it massively increases the chances of serious violence to occur.

For the anti cull movement, tetra detection is just another wave of technology being used against badger killers, Thermal Imaging drones are also being deployed and these will also help to locate badgers in traps.

Please as a matter of urgency contact Avon and Somerset police AND Gloucestershire police commisioners and ask them to review their forces recommendations of tetra handsets, use your own words, or copy and paste our letter below into an email:

pcc@gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk, pcc@avonandsomerset.pnn.police.uk

Dear Mr. Surl & Ms.Mountstevens,

I understand that the badger cull licence states:
“Natural England may revoke a licence at any time following advice from the police on public order issues.”
I ask you to revoke the licence on the grounds of public safety.

If you are not willing to revoke the licences, the very least you could do is to remove tetra handsets from shooters who go out at night.

The shooters are contracted to stand down when members of the public are near.

They could be easily found now due to the tetra detection devices and anyone wanting to steal a firearm could as a consequence of the polices decision to give them this kit, easily locate and overwhelm them.

We have strong gun control in this country and that is a good thing, it prevents criminals and people from terror organisations like daesh and the national front from getting hold of shotguns and high powered rifles.
With shooters being aware of this potential threat, they may well become aggressive towards any civilians and no one wants to see violent confrontations involving firearms.
I eagerly await your response.


if you would like to help us with tetra detection kit, please consider buying us a cup of coffee: https://ko-fi.com/A0307Y3

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