Fox Hunters go on the attack in Telford.

Fox hunters from the South Shropshire Hunt are currently being rallied to do door to door canvassing in the marginal seat of Telford. Tory mp, Lucy Allan, won the seat by only 730 votes in 2015, beating the Labour candidate “Kuldip Sahota“.

The hunters are part of  “Vote OK”, who are trying to rally their blood thirsty friends into going into marginal seats, often these seats are urban. The hypocrisy of the hunting set, who frequently call for “townies to stay out of country affairs” is blatant. They have been involved in the practice of pretending to be fellow constituents concerned with local issues whilst only having one issue at heart: repealing the ban on fox hunting

A recent article in The Mirror, revealed an email from Lord Mancroft

“Vote OK… has already started to plan what we are all going to do during the campaign,”

We will only help candidates who give us an unequivocal commitment to support repeal when the time comes. Nor do we need to help candidates in ‘safe seats’ with large majorities. Instead we will concentrate on those seats where we can make the most difference.”

“Unless specifically advised to the contrary, every hunt should assume that it will be needed to assist with political work, and start making arrangements to mobilise supporters now.

“This is the chance we have been waiting for. We have six weeks to show, yet again, what we are made of, and our undying commitment to our way of life.

“We have six weeks to win back all that has been taken from us.”

First up to recieve the help of blood junkies in exchange for an assurance she will vote to bring back fox hunting is Lucy Allan, MP for Telford, She shot to fame shortly after becoming an Mp in 2015, posting up a death threat that she had faked.
How low?

Just over a week later, her own staff started turning on her, and a catalog of her abuse came to light, calling one staff member who was off sick “pathetic” in a taped phone message.

Another lady who was a volunteer reports:

“She would scream, shout, throw her toys out of the pram, have a full-on two-year-old’s tantrum.

“You couldn’t have a conversation with her. She’d stand, fists clenched and barrage you with viciousness.

“If you are looking at a definition of bullying, she ticks all the boxes.”

The campaigner said she put her “life on hold” to help in the election but “fell out of love with the campaign” because of Ms Allan’s behaviour.”
Whilst another revealed:

one such tirade occurred when Ms Allan’s team tried to deal with the fall-out from the MP demanding that constituents’ appointments be rearranged so she could go to Royal Ascot.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise to anyone that a Tory Mp who bullies staff and volunteers, would choose to go to Ascot rather than keep appointments with her constituents. Little wonder then that she calls up a criminal delinquent like Otis Ferry to protect her job.

If you live in the Telford constituency, please be careful if you have any Tory canvassers or leafletters come to your door. They may well be Fox hunters from the South Shropshire Hunt and as Otis their master has shown, they are happy to attack anyone who disagrees with them:


If you do decide to engage with a tory canvasser on your doorstep, wether in Telford or any part of the country.  Ask them which hunts will be operating in your neighbourhood and when will they be leafletting? If you are told that the Tory Mp candidate in your area isn’t recieving support from Vote OK, ask for it in writing.

Any info on hunters in your area, send it in to us at

If you want to know the best party to vote for in your area to get rid of the tories, then check this link, but do not take any seat for granted. If you want tories like Lucy and her hunt scum friends to run the country, simply do nothing.
If you haven’t registered to vote, you can do it in five minutes here:

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