General Election #Tactical2017

The badger cull IS political, it was part of the tory manifesto in 2010 and also in 2015, the Defra minister Andrea Leadsom at the NFU conference in February this year committed to a roll out of the badger cull to more zones in 2017.

If you want to know the best party to vote for in your area to rid our nation of the Tories, check this link.


Last year over 10,000 badgers were killed in ten zones, if the tories roll out another 7-10 cull zones this year, we can expect in the region of 15,000-25,000 more badgers to be needlessly killed this year alone.

The Tory party also had in their 2015 manifesto a pledge to repeal the hunting act. When the Tories attempted to put in a statutory instrument to change the bill, “stop the cull” worked around the clock for two weeks, reaching literally millions of people, to ask that people contact the SNP and offer to buy Scottish products or holiday in Scotland in exchange for them to step in and vote against the Tories plans. We won, the SNP stepped in and stopped the repeal.

Many people point out that some Tory Mp’s are against fox hunting, these Mp’s are very small in number maybe 12-30 in total. Whilst their vote does matter on a repeal of the hunting act, If there is a tory landslide election a repeal of the hunting act could easily be pushed through.

“Stop the Cull” is not politically aligned with any party, we are here purely to stop a badger cull, if we can get the Tories out then the badger cull is over.

Our advice to everyone is to vote tactically to get the Tories out; if the Lib Dems are first or second against the Tories then vote for them, if its Labour running first or second against the Tories then choose them. The Labour party are committed to ending the badger culls immediately, the Lib Dems are not as far as we know but we do know that they are not beholden to a farming vote in the way that the Tories are. Indeed in 2014 the Tories wanted to roll out the badger cull from two areas to a third, the Lib Dems stopped them. The following year in 2015 when the Tories were no longer in a coalition with the Lib Dems they rolled out the policy to Dorset.

Our campaign over the next few weeks will involve producing and distributing posters and stickers. If you would like any please email

More importantly we will be using Facebook to promote posts about Tory MP’s voting habits and any other issues, not just on the badger cull but any issue which we think the public should know about. When we promote a post we can choose a specific area in the country for that post to be seen in, we will target audiences that can vote these people out.

Our first post targeting an Mp’s own constituency can be seen here:
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 21.35.32

If you go to the post on facebook, you can see that some of his constituency is responding. We have used paid for targeted audience posts a lot recently with great results, one wildlife trust director who was involved with hunting has resigned and we’ve also gotten national press coverage on another wildtrust head. We’ve done this simply by choosing specific audiences on facebook that we pay to read the post. We even got involved with the recent by-election in Stoke on Trent to get Paul Nuttall the UKIP candidate kicked out, several thousand people from the area saw our post, which exposed his keenness to repeal the hunting act. He lost.

We will create web pages for anyone to share on this site, so please do bookmark this page and come back and share our Tory MP exposes. If you would like to contribute to our work, £3 for a cup of coffee helps us reach hundreds of potential voters who may not know their MP’s dodgy past.

you can buy us a cup of coffee to achieve that goal, here:

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Thank you for your support, together we can create a strong and stable environment for our wildlife.