Gloucestershire and Somerset culls started in 2013 with 4 year licences to cull for 6 weeks every year. They have had extensions to carry on into 2017

North Dorset cull zone was issued with a licence in 2015 for 4 years.

7 new zones were added in 2016: North Devon,Two in Cornwall (marked as one zone on this image), South Devon, West Dorset, North Cotswold, Herefordshire.

This year we expect another 9 new zones: 3 more in Devon, 1 in Somerset, 1 in Dorset, 3 in Wiltshire and 1 in Cheshire. Making a total of 19 active cull zones in 2017

“Stop the Cull” is the only group that has ever mapped out and published zones BEFORE they happen, we make the maps based on intelligence received, they are not always 100% accurate and we always change and update maps as soon as any new intelligence is received and verified.

If you want to help a group you will find all the zones here:

For a google map of all the cull zones click here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 20.52.44