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As many of you will know last night we shut down the cull shooters hq phone centre, they couldn’t take the volume of calls and closed down all 16 lines, in the last few minutes we have been passed on a spreadsheet with the entire voicemail system of the NFU HQ
including the cull ops room!

Note: Dial 02476 858686 then at the recorded message dial *9 then at the next recorded message dial the subsequent digits, waiting for the recorded message to start before each time entering each digit. So for Ops room for instance,the sequence would be 02746858686

The numbers we had up last night for extensions now go to staff voicemail boxes and not the ops centre. If you find the ops centre let us know, send us a private message on facebook.


Entire spreadsheet here.

Look through the last couple of posts in our news section for inspiration on what to do.
And remember, your call really can help save lives, the more calls you make, the better.


NFU call centre destroyed, what’s next?

Yesterday via one of our unknown tech teams (they send stuff in, we don’t know who they are) we recieved intel on the call centre inside the NFU HQ that deals with all the badger cull shooters in the country, every night the shooters log in and ring up if they have any problems.
We asked everyone on both of the “Stop the Cull” facebook pages to ring in and try and block the phonelines, that started at 6:33pm, by 10:10pm all 16 of the phone lines were dead! not engaged, but totally disconnected, we have a theory as to why that happened, which we will explain hopefully tomorrow.

So where does that leave us and where does it leave the hunters?
Well as the old saying goes:
‘In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity’

So the phone blagging went into overdrive, pretending to be from the NFU offices and explaining the outage to shooters and cull directors we gleaned quite a large amount of useful information. What we found out was that the NFU now only speak to local organisers and all the shooters have to ring in to the local them now instead of the central HQ, the tracking devices that all the cull team operatives carry are also suffering with battery life issues and may well get withdrawn.

So how is that useful for us? well the cull directors are frequently the local organisers that the cull teams will be ringing in, so the more we can tie down cull directors phone lines the better ESPECIALLY at weekend evenings, cull teams will be out from 7:15pm (ish) until usually 2am but sometimes as late as 4am. If shooters can’t contact the cull directors to get clearance for the area they are working in, they may well not go out.

Yesterdays change in the system as to how the cull operates is a huge blow to local organisers, we need now more than ever to turn up the pressure with regards to calls to the cull directors, get creative, ring other firms up that abuse animals and pretend to be a cull director and leave their number, ring other cull directors up pretending to be a cull directors, play music down the phone, pretend to be a shooter who is having trouble with protestors etc etc etc

You can find their phone numbers on this map, you can now from the comfort of your own home provide vital back up to the people on the ground out there in the dark tonight and for the next few weeks, it’s worth buying a very cheap PAYG mobile and putting all the cull directors phone numbers in as contacts, then you can fill their lines at your leisure.

Below are a number of calls made by one person, they were done to sow confusion and paranoia, find out information and basically waste time:

This call to Mr. Alford got through to his wife, who was only too happy to provide her husbands mobile phone.

Mrs. Reed is pretending that her husband doesn’t take calls, but is very keen for people to leave a message.

Mrs. Brown finds her husbands photo being up on the internet very funny, she also very wisely points out that you don’t know who you are talking to on the phone..


URGENT; Phone Blockade the killers central number

We have been passed on the central number of the badger cull killers hotline by someone who says they have managed to steal, clone (download all the phones data) and return unnoticed a badger shooters mobile phone.

They gave us a single number to ring, we rang it to authenticate and got the above phone message. We then were suspicious that the phone number may be for a specific region of the country so we tried numbers numerically next to the number given, we now have 16 telephone numbers for the badger cull killers HQ “TB OPS” but ONLY TWO OPERATORS,
dial the number then choose option 2:
02476 939 390
02476 939 391
02476 939 392
02476 939 393 no answer, but did ring
02476 939 394  Derek answered
02476 939 395  Lucy answered
02476 939 396  Lucy answered asking if it was “Mervyn” suggests Devon cull director.
02476 939 397  Derek answered
02476 939 398  Derek answered
02476 939 399
02476 939 400
02476 939 401
02476 939 402
02476 939 403
02476 939 404
02476 939 405

if you call and use 141 before the number then you will still get through, but it may be that they will get wise to blocked calls, so please consider popping to any supermarket now and getting a sim that is the same as your network and popping it into your phone for making these calls, you will also need to go to the checkout and buy a top up voucher for that sim.

You should ring any of the above numbers and then choose option 2, this will put you through to an operator, there can only be a limited number of operators we think just 2 but maybe more as the night begins.

You do not need a contractor number, all you need to do is ring up and start either talking quickly or quietly or normally! just pretend to be involved in the badger cull, either a shooter or a buddy who goes out with a shooter, or a concerned girlfriend/wife, maybe you lost your dog?? anything goes, just keep them on the line FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

We cannot stress how important it is to get the call centre blocked tonight and through the weekend (especially evenings 8pm-2am), if cullers can’t get through then they have no back up, if they have no back up then they shouldn’t be going out at all.

Your small effort could help save many hundreds of lives.

If you are nervous aobut calling, some people find having a stiff drink before making calls can help.

Contractor numbers are in a specific format they start with the letter C followed by 5 numbers.
The first 2 numbers relate to the area so are unlikely to be higher than 43, the following three numbers are likely to be below 300 for smaller size cull zones but could be higher in areas that are particularly large. You don’t need that number, but if you want to have a go at guessing it’s worth a go. It may also be worth pretending to be a cull director, or ringing a cull director and pretending to be from “TB OPS”;
“Hi it’s Derek (or Lucy) from TB ops, you need to cancel all the culling tonight due to a phone blockade, ring me back please”

If you want to get creative, then please consider going onto website and entering any of these landline numbers into sites that you can find by searching “request callback” along with things like “injury claim” “financial advice” “pest control” etc etc

Another tactic is to set up a gumtree account, then advertise something that is desirable, like a large expensive second hand telly for free, cheap apple laptops etc, simply have a quick browse, then search ebay for some pictures to use for your gum tree advert and then use one of the landline numbers above for people to ring.

5 Star Killers

It couldn’t be any more ironic that the beautiful Cotswold parish and village of Castle Combe in North Wiltshire, which was the setting for the 1967 flim Dr Dolittle, is now to become infamous for its recent inclusion in the latest killing zone of Wiltshire’s Badgers.

Farmers in Castle Combe have enthusiastically welcomed the slaughter of the quintessentially English badger which they are currently taking part in.  Indeed, one such farmer, Ben Prior of Upper Castle Combe Farm has been demanding a cull of badgers on the flawed basis they were infecting his soon-to-be-slaughtered-anyway cattle.  In 2008 he could be excused for scientific ignorance, if not for an inbred belief that animals – wild and farm – exist for his profit.   But not any longer, the scientific consensus can no longer be ignored that culling doesn’t work.  It came as no surprise that the cull is being embraced in this otherwise quaint little village.  What we are surprised about was the use of illegal traps on the nearby Manor Hotel and Golf Club.


Now the Manor is in fact a 5* luxury Hotel and Golf course set in 365 acres of the Cotswold countryside. And you know, golf clubs aren’t keen on, you know…living breathing animals…daring to take up space on their vast acreage.  However, one recent holiday-maker to the Manor went for a wander on the vast Manor grounds, and soon spotted a badger in distress in one of the many woodlands around the course, fortunately she recorded the incident on her phone as the distressed badger hobbled into one of the sett holes, she can be heard on her original video that the badger had a trap with a chain attached to the rear left leg. The upset holiday-makers had naturally informed the hotel groundskeeper as soon as they could, who in turn did the grand sum of jack-shit to assist the animal.


The video came to the attention of Wiltshire Against the Badger Cull the next day, when someone notified us they had seen it online.  We were keen to locate the badger to see what help we could organise.  Sadly we had been unable to contact the holiday-maker at the time, despite our best efforts, so all we had to go on was her publicly available holiday video of the badger and her walk through the vast grounds of the hotel and golf course.  Some of Wiltshire Against the Badger Cull along with our friends from Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs were tasked with locating the sett – a task akin to locating a needle in a haystack. Soon enough the sett was located and rescue planning began.


Now it’s not easy to rescue an injured badger when it has gone to ground, it’s really just a waiting game.  Rescuers visited discreetly and often, offering tempting treats close to the sett, our friends at a local rescue centre were commissioned to design a purpose built crate to tempt the badger into.  Day 4 of the unfolding drama, rescuers noted a lot of Greenbottle activity around one of the sett holes, and went about setting a trail cam for filming the set in the hope of some activity.  Our first attempt to set the trail cam was thwarted by a hired thug.  Now we don’t know if it was the hotel or the adjoining farm that hired this man, but certainly what happened next was more than disturbing.  Our rescuers armed with nothing but their determination to help the injured animal, parked up next the golf course entrance on a public road in the evening.  A truck, later identified as being a the vehicle and 2-man shooter team involved in the ongoing badger cull which was identified as shooting badgers the night before on the adjoining farmland which is owned (surprise surprise) by Upper Castle Combe Farm, the thug and his sidekick drove his truck in front of the two female rescuers vehicle blocking their escape before harassing, filming, photographing, attempting to get into the door, then eventually ramming into their vehicle and damaging it.  Luckily the dash cam was still running, and the clear face of the thug was given to police to investigate.

Sadly, this attack delayed plans to monitor the sett with the camera, so instead, we went the following day and set the camera, then going back 24 hours later to retrieve the footage.  Upon entering the woods near the sett we were distraught to be met with the smell of death.  Footage confirmed there was no animal activity around the sett for the previous 24 hours. Angry and upset we decided to attempt to retrieve the Fenn type trap which ultimate killed this beautiful animal, however, we were under no illusion that the Wiltshire Police Wildlife Officer doesn’t really like investigating wildlife crimes when they’re carried out by the hunting shooting culling brigade, and at the very least would demand video footage and a signed confession of the crime before even bothering to attend, so we decided we needed to make sure that the hotel is answers for this hideous crime against the wildlife ourselves.  Given we were unable to retrieve the trap underground, we were able to contact the original witness to the incident who confirmed what she saw as as being “on [the} left back leg with roughly a 3 inch chain on it and I can only say it was like big jaws that were closed on its leg”.


Ensuring we didn’t disturb the otherwise-abandoned sett, the badger was removed from where he died in one of the sett entrances, clearly a few days into decomposition as maggots were busy doing their work.  At first glance we thought the leg, and the trap was missing, we could only count three legs.  Closer inspection revealed a horrific injury and the badgers leg was snapped in two, and the trap was nowhere to be found.  We suspect the trap is deep in the tunnel and we weren’t able to retrieve it, the thought of the poor animal getting it caught underground and having to break his own leg in half to get free, doesn’t bear thinking about.   Now given the vast area of the Manor Land it is inconceivable that this trap found itself on this poor badger from anywhere else but very close to this sett.

Fenn traps are soon to be illegal in the trapping of stoats, they are often illegally set without a tunnel, so not only are they indiscriminate killers of small animals but when not set legally, they are also a risk to larger animals like badgers, or even cats and dogs.  I’ve had gamekeepers say to me “a Fenn trap can’t kill a badger”, well they may not kill them instantly but this badger lasted only a day or possibly two after being trapped, and those days must have felt like forever in excruciating pain that his animal would have felt as it slowly died.  Our poor badger has left this world now and won’t have left a trace of being here at all, in direct contrast with his killers who have littered all across the countryside with these evil, barbaric torture devices.

Is it not bad enough that our badgers are scapegoated by the government and subjected to a needless bloody cull, without stupid golf clubs illegally leaving these barbaric things lying around to kill and maim indiscriminately.  This is why we are asking you to contact the Manor Hotel and Golf Club on 01249 782982 or 01249 782206 and ask them why they are illegally using Fenn traps on their land.  Whilst you’re at it, ask them what their position on the badger cull is.

Badger Cull suppliers claim tons of peanuts are for the birds!

Marriage’s the flour company were recently exposed for their supply of peanuts to badger cull companies, you can read about that here. Please do check that link to find out how you can help.

So today, Marriage’s after being battered on facebook with negative comments decided to pull their reviews section after it plummeted from 4.7 to below 2. They then came out with a statement in the comments of one of their posts:

So they didn’t actually deny selling tons of peanuts to badger cull companies, but they did try to slip out of it by saying they only market their peanuts for birds.

Strange then that in early August a badger cull farmers meeting in Devon which had hidden cameras put in by the “Covert Film Unit” caught many many bags of peanuts being loaded into trucks, those very same peanuts were supplied by the Marriage family business.

We ask everyone to please contact their nearest Marriage’s supplier and ask them to drop the products AND to ask their wholesaler to also drop them. You can find your nearest supplier on our map, the data we took for the map was from their website, they removed it, but we’d already saved it:

Suma, Infinity and Essential wholefood wholesalers have now all dropped marriages flour.

please contact East of England Co-op and ask them to remove Marriages from their shops:
several Email addresses at the bottom of this page:


Quakers in the Heart of Darkness.

There is one common denominator between all the badgers that are killed during the cull.

The one thing that ties the death of all the culled badgers together is peanuts.

Peanuts are used to entice badgers into cages, where they are trapped and then shot at point blank range the following morning with shotguns.

Peanuts are also used on bait points, where badger families gather to eat them, whilst shooters hide and blast away at them with high powered rifles, this method of “free shooting” has been widely condemned by the British Veterinary Association, who are a pro cull organisation.

Peanuts are used to pre bait areas for free shooting to draw badgers to a particular place, they are used in traps to lure the badgers in, when the badgers move a rock to get at the peanuts the cage closes, they are trapped until they are shot.

The pictures above were taken just before the “Covert Film Unit” put in hidden cameras at a badger cull farmers meeting in early August this year. As you can see from the email address, these tons of peanuts came from “Berry Ingredients“.

This screen shot from their website shows their associated companies Marriages flour

and their feed company, which just happens to sell 20kg & 25kg sacks of peanuts

They also sell feed for the game shooting industry.

The directors of these companies are all part of the “Marriage” Quaker family based in Chelmsford in Essex:
“Seven Marriages are now involved – his dad, uncle and cousins. At the heart of the business are the family’s Quaker roots, influencing and shaping their decisions and how they interact with each other, the people they deal with, and the community. At the heart of the Quaker movement is a strong adherence to the principles of honesty, equality, community, simplicity, and peace.”

Simon Marriage is a director for the notoriously blood thirsty  Essex with Farmers Union Fox Hunt AND the family’s Grain and Milling company that has a turnover of £51million.

We’d like to ask you to do two things, firstly go onto their facebook pages, comment on a few posts telling them you will never buy their products whilst they supply peanuts to badger cull companies. Flour business  Petfood and Animal feed business.

Secondly, please go on to their flour selling website here, check to look for your nearest Marriages stockist, then contact the shops and politely ask them to stop stocking Marriages whilst the firm is engaged in supplying the badger cull, please remember these shops will almost certainly not know about the flour they sell comes from badger cull supply companies, so being polite is probably the best way as many of the shops are small health food shops who quite probably will be on the side of the badgers.

Email or letter example:
I understand that you will not have known about the flour company Marriages involvement in supplying the badger culls with many tons of peanuts.
You may not know, but even the “pro cull” British Vetinary Association are outspokenly against the  killing of badgers using the free shooting method, where badger families are lured to peanut bait points and 20% of those shot take up to 5 minutes to die.
The badger cull is, unlike many things in life, entirely polarised, you are either in favour of it or against it. We would politely ask you to join the vast majority of the general public and have nothing to do with supporting the badger cull financially.
If you do not stock Marriages flour please let the campaign group “Stop the Cull” know so that their own listings can be updated and they will remove you. You should also contact Marriages directly as they have listed you as a supplier.
If you did stock Marriages flour but since finding out about their involvement with the painful death of tens of thousands of badgers decided to no longer stock, please also contact STC so they can either remove you from their listings of who stocks and who doesn’t.
Any shop that sends a message saying they have dropped the company will get a shout out on the page which has over 100,000 likes.

 Contact email address is

Please also contact the health food shop wholesalers who all sell Marriages flour, please note that Infinity and Essential have now stopped supplying and it’s just Suma left:


We expect that Marriages will quickly remove their online map of suppliers, we have already taken all the data from the map and will upload our own when they pull theirs.

We know from previous years that many badger cull companies buy more peanuts whilst the cull is running. This year we want to try and strangle off that supply route; please help us achieve that- a few emails and comments on facebook really could make all the difference if enough of us do it.

The post on facebook will get boosted. If you’d like to help more people find out about the Marriages despicable profit from the badger slaughter, a £3 donation will mean hundreds possibly thousands more people see the post.
Buy Stop the Cull a coffee.



Cornish Badger Cull Directors

Check the badger cull directors map for the whole of England at the bottom of the page for photos of the cull directors.

Edgenvironmental Ltd – Commenced 2019

Richard Simon BLACKIE, Trinklett, Treamble, Rose, Truro, Cornwall TR4 9PR – Man responsible for targeting the Perran Sands Dune Badgers

William Robert BOWDEN, Boswidjack Farm, Constantine, Falmouth, TR11 5QQ 01326 340081

Michael Richard COLWELL, Glyn Crest Farm, Wheal Rose, Scorrier, Redruth, TR16 5DH – 01209 891645

Ross George DENNING, Trenithon Chancellor, Probus, Truro, Cornwall, TR2 4HQ – 01726 883805

Peter Roger DENTON, Trevenning Farm, Lostwithiel PL22 0JJ – 01208 872586

Peter William HODGE, Pengelly Farm, Burlawn, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7LA – 01208 814 217

Holiday accommodation

William Brindley HOSKEN, Withan Farm, St. Martin, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 6BY – 01326 231237

William Philip JENKIN, Mudgeon Farm, St Martin, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 6BZ 01326 231202

Simon Timothy WARD, Trevorder Farm, St Breock, PL27 7LF – 01208 816446

Wadebridge Bouncy Castles

Bridget WHELL, Leyonne Farm, Golant, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1LA – 01726 833068

Resigned – Roger JENKIN, Treworgie Farm, Manaccan, Helston, TR12 6JB – 01326 231327

DWCE Ltd – Commenced 2018:-

Ian J Moon, Bolitho Farm, Liskeard PL14 3GR – 01579 342613

Alexander Stephens, Mennawicket Farm, Boconnoc, Lostwithiel, PL22 0RQ – 01208 873220

Resigned – Brian Trewin, Middle Tremollett, Coads Green, Launceston  PL15 7NA – 01566 782416

KNCRS Ltd – Commenced 2016

Philip Timothy Peter ALLIN, Fernhill , Clawton, Holsworthy EX22 6PX – 01409 271267

William HARPER, Trepoyle Farm, North Tamerton, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 6RL01409 271376

Andrew David, KELLOW, Treveglos Farm, St. Mabyn, Bodmin PL30 3BU – 01840 212532

Russell Stephens RISDON, Hendrawalls Farm, Camelford PL32 9XF – 01840 212532

2019 Badger Cull licence details leaked. 64,400 to be targeted.

DEFRA still haven’t released the details of the badger cull for this year, instead they have misled people into thinking that the badger culls aren’t going ahead with headlines that the culls have been stopped after Boris Johnsons vegan girlfriend asked him nicely.
The truth is the badger culls are going ahead with as much full on blood lust from the tory party than any other year, a staggering 11 NEW cull zones are going ahead.

The tory government wants to kill 25,428 in these new zones and 37,471 a total of 62,899 across all the zones.
UPDATE,  we forgot to add the supplementary zones where 1,501 are licenced to be killed, making a total of 64,400

We would ask everyone who cares about badgers, to contact the Badger Action Network and find out who their local group is, to support them or even better to go out with them and help put an end to this senseless slaughter.

Jay Tiernan spokesperson for “Stop the Cull” said: The Tory government has sunk to a new low this year, hiding the cull licences and details and not publishing them when the cull starts and instead running a smoke and mirrors campaign of officially cancelling a cull zone at the last minute that they clearly never had any intention of licencing.
11 new cull zones and over 62,000 badgers targeted is the largest scale persecution of badgers that this country has ever seen.
Those involved in the killing of badgers, wether it’s the farmers, the shooters or the people in government should be aware, we the animal lovers of this country are angry and we will not allow this slaughter to take place without disruption and retribution.”

This is the targets for this year in the new zones:

Once again we can see that the MINIMUM number of badgers to be killed in the new zones is 2.69 badgers perKm2. Which is supposed to represent 70% of the badger population.

This is the targets for previous years:

If you would like to help us, we are an entirely voluntary organisation:

Michael Weaver, Avon Badger Cull Director caught lying.

He says he isn’t kiling badgers on his farm, thats very odd, seeing as he is a badger cull director.

He says “science has proved it works” when talking about the badger cull, funny then that a Defra document recently published showed that bTB had gone up by 130% in the original Gloucestershire badger cull zone.

Michael Weaver
Challacombe House
Perranpit Farm
Frampton Cotterell
BS36 2AT
01454 772126
mob: 07980 503997


If you’d like to call him or any of the other cull directors, please do consider recording the conversation, send it in to and any that get published we will post you an innocent badger enamel badge. If you want to make them funny, go for it!

Download Call Recorder – IntCall for IOS or Android from:

Contact Natural England AT HOME.

It seems this year the badger cull licences which are normally published before or in the case of last year just a day after it started are being withheld. Badger culls have started in a number of zones now but the documents showing the cull zone sizes and numbers of badgers to be killed are not going up on the website. They are normally published on this page:

Please send polite letters and make calls to the top people in Natural England, maybe then they will get the message and publish?

Tony Juniper
37 Belvoir Road, Cambridge. CB4 1JH
Deputy Chair
David Maclean (Lord Blencathra)
Flat 25, Neville House, 19 Page Street, Westminster, London. SW1P 4JX
Interim Chief Executive
Marian Spain
Everington Cottage, Everington Hill, Thatcham, Berkshire. RG18 0UD
Chief Scientist
Dr Tim Hill
Eskline View, Battersby Junction, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire. TS9 6LT
01642 723225 / 07917 183850
Non-executive Directors
Dr Andy Clements
23 Ferry Path, Cambridge. CB4 1HB
Dr Andy Clements


Teresa Dent
4 Millers Close, Mill Lane, Stratford sub Castle, Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP1 3LJ
01722 411971
Teresa Dent CBE
Catherine Dugmore
20 West Common Grove, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. AL5 2AT
01582 766451
Catherine Dugmore
Professor Sue Hartley
Gloster Lodge, 9 Manor Croft, Bishop Wilton, York. YO42 1TG
Professor Sue Hartley OBE
Dr Simon Lyster
Great Prestons Farm, Great Prestons Lane, Stock, Ingatestone, Essex. CM4 9RN
01277 840332
Dr Simon Lyster
Henry Robinson
Moorwood Farmhouse, Woodmancote, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. GL7 7EB
01285 831397
Henry Robinson
Professor David Michael Winter, 8  Manor Gardens, Exbourne, Okehampton, Devon
EX20 3RW
01837 851718
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