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Sir John Gardiner, raven killer.

Well known classical music conductor and friend to Prince Charles is killing ravens on his Dorset farm. An application sent to Natural England by Sir Gardiner has been seen by “Stop the Cull”:

We will be lambing 1000 ewes outside and are
most concerned that we shall have a repetition of the
damage to our flock as experienced in the last two
years when we lost approx. 70 ewes and lambs per year
to ravens killing new born lambs and pecking eyes out
of ewes as they lamb.”

and his reasoning to kill continued:

As a commercial farming
business we are exposed to financial hardship through
losses of livestock. Also the welfare issues are
extremely important to us. Ewes with pecked out eyes
have to be put down, leaving orphan lambs, and great
numbers of lambs are killed or half

It’s difficult to believe that Sir Gardiner really understands what “financial hardship” means having inherited a farm (his father Rolf was one of the founders of the soil association and a suspected supporter of the Nazi party) and having a successful career as a conductor. Indeed his financial records for the farm show that he has over £300k cash in the bank and assetts in excess of £1million.

What was also very interesting was who Sir Gardiner employed to do the killing, 4 men, 3 of whom are known badger cull contractors:

Rob Burton, kills badgers in cages and free shooting, holds a shotgun and firearms licence.
Belvedere, Hartgrove, Shaftesbury, SP7 0LA
mob: 07780 665530

Andrew Gingell, has been involved in free shooting of badgers, holds a firearms licence.
Keepers Cottage, West Lodge, Iwerne Minster, Blandford Forum, DT11 8LE
mob: 07854 791645
email: .

Martin Coombes
, another one who is free shooting badgers and holds a firearms licence, believed to be killing in multiple badger cull zones.
Sutton Hill Farm Cottage, Iwerne Minster, Blandford Forum, DT11 8LG
mob: 07825 814296

A futher two men Andrew Eves and David Vincent, were both listed at Sir Gardiners home address of:
Gore Farm, Ashmore, SP5 5AR.
Sir John Gardiner email:
phone: 01747 811157

On the application to kill the ravens it was said of these men:

1 – Robert Burton – deer stalker
2 – Andrew Gingell – game keeper for 30 years +
3 – Martin Coombes – under game keeper
4 – Andrew Eves- 16 years experience of shooting vermin

What we find particularly odd is that the licence is for 5 people to kill 5 birds, there is no evidence offered that ravens are actually attacking sheep, they are well known to pick at dead animals but that isn’t proof they kill them and even if they did kill them, must we kill all the predators in this country so that some hobby farmers can make a few quid?

We know that Natural England approved this licence to kill 5 ravens, we can guess the level of monitoring to ensure the numbers were not exceeded..

We currently need help to fund the cost of hosting this website and vehicle insurance, if you can help us continue our fight against those that would kill wildlife, please consider donating a few coins here.

Soil Association vet killing badgers.

For some years the lack of interest in stopping the badger cull from the Soil Association has drawn a lot of confusion, how can an organisation that says: “Animal welfare is at the heart of organic and our standards are the highest of any farming system in the UK” when they support badger culling, the answer may well lie in the fact that a vet who is an advisor to the soil association is not only pro cull but goes out killing badgers.

We can exclusively reveal that Peter Plate has been going out killing badgers for at least 3 years now, possibly a lot longer. Please do contact him with your thoughts about why a vet shouldn’t be killing healthy animals:

Peter Plate, 5 High Street, Sixpenny Handley, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 5NR
mobile: 07743 043 731

Please also contact the Soil Association and ask them why they are still supporting a badger cull:

We will be keeping a close eye on Mr. Plate and his movements this year.

Our website costs have just come in for this year, we are an entirely voluntary organisation that relies on small donations to continue, if you would like to support us please follow this link:

Game Farm Map goes Europe wide

Last year the Countryside Alliance put some effort into highlighting the map of game farms that had been compiled and put up online.

The CA, desperate to stop the public from knowing the locations of game farms, emailed all their members to ask Facebook to remove a post from “Stop the Cull”. Facebook agreed to remove the post, but crucially, the map is still up and all the CA achieved was letting everyone know exactly how worried the shooting industry is.

“It first became clear that an underground attack on the shooting industry was occurring when game farms in Wiltshire and Cornwall were targeted by animal rights extremists. In total, thousands of pounds of damage was caused, having significant impacts on the businesses. The criminals lauded and promoted their despicable attacks on several social media platforms using fake accounts, second-hand information and friendly media sources.”

We suspect the 50.000 plus views of the map is in itself proof of how much concern there is inside the industry.

Over the winter of 2019/20 a lot of effort has been put into updating the map with hundreds of locations across Europe. If you know anyone who is interested in Animal Rights anywhere in Europe, please consider passing on a link to this page to them and encourage them to film/protest/liberate.

If you’d like to support our work in exposing animal abusers, please consider buying us a cup of coffee, we run on small donations and your contribution does make a difference to our ability to continue.

You can view the map here:

Fox hunters targeting marginal seats.

The Mirror is running with this story today.

“Stop the Cull” have been passed on these two emails sent out by the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt:

And the second email “Dawn Raid” makes them sound like they are soldiers involved in some kind of war:
A War On Wildlife.

Jay Tiernan, spokesperson for “Stop the Cull” commented:

The Tory parties true colours have been revealed by this internal email from a hunt anonymously passed onto us, The fanfare of the repeal of the hunting act being revoked from the Tory manifesto hides a hideous truth: fox hunting continues up and down the country much the same as it ever did before the ban and it is this status quo that the hunting community are now desperately clinging onto.

Whilst it is encouraging to see the hunting community so clearly terrified by Labour’s manifesto pledges for animals, We are deeply concerned that swing voters in marginal seats are now being targeted perhaps believing that the tory commitment not to overturn the hunting ban is welcome news.

voters across the country can now expect to be bombarded with Tory propaganda as fox hunters go door to door in marginal seats. We would urge anyone who comes across a tory leafletter to ask them why fox hunters are distributing for them.

The badger cull, fox hunting and the wide range of species killed on shooting estates for sport are a dark smear on our national identity and should have no place in a modern Britain, these bloodsports belong in the dark ages.

anyone who cares about animals shouldn’t be in any doubt as to who to vote for on December 12th,

we would say to anyone eligible to vote, that if you want to give the gift of life this christmas;
Get The Tories Out.

Jay Tiernan

Hunts known to be publicly linked to “Vote ok”:
Old Surrey Burstow West Kent
Pytchley with Woodland
East Essex

If you would like to help us counter the fox hunters tory propaganda campaign, please consider donating £3 or more via: Buy Stop the Cull a coffee.

And we will boost a post on our facebook page into marginal tory seats.

Test the Marriage Vows.

^the first sticker design sent into STC this morning.

17th of September
Marriage’s flour company is exposed as selling peanuts by the ton to a badger cull company, the calls for a boycott begin.

18th of September:
“Thank you for all your comments,
Berry Ingredients (a subsidiary of W&H Marriage & Sons Ltd) is a major importer and trader of peanuts, selling them to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers across the UK and aboard. It only markets products for the feeding of wild birds, which is clearly stated on labels and packaging.
Kind regards,
The Marriage’s team”

Then Infinity, Essential and Suma wholesalers all start to ask Marriage’s as well, they are also given the above statement, none of them are happy with the obvious cut and paste answer, complete with “aboard” spelling mistake.

Marriage’s after losing all three wholesalers then issues another statement:

19th of September:
“Following recent online activity associating W & H Marriage & Sons Ltd with the Government’s badger control, the company has now completed an investigation.

Berry Ingredients (a subsidiary of W & H Marriage & Sons Ltd) only markets peanuts for the feeding of wild birds, which is clearly stated on labels and packaging.

We confirm that, if there is a concern that the peanuts a customer purchases could be used for badger control, the sale will be refused.”

As the calls for a boycott now roll out to other shops and wholesalers, we have to ask Marriage’s if they want to be taken seriously can they answer these three simple questions:

1: How many times have you refused a sale of peanuts because you think they are going to be used for the badger cull?

2: Why did you sell the peanuts to Mr.Brown when it was obvious they were not a business involved in feeding wild birds?

3: How are you going to differentiate between genuine customers and badger cull companies?

We would suggest that any company that is not listed in companies house that doesn’t have the appropriate SIC code should be considered suspicious especially if they are only ordering peanuts between July and October, and on that point, how many tons of peanuts were you selling in the third quarter of each year in 2013 and how many tons did you sell in 2019?

We are happy to fund raise and pay for an independent accountant to analyse your accounts to verify that you are indeed only involved in selling peanuts to wild bird food companies.

To any wholesaler reading this who is considering stocking or restocking Marriage’s flour. We would point out, the Marriage’s are run by the master of the Essex farmers union fox hunt (a position their father who also ran marriages held) they also stock and sell feed for the game shooting industry. How ethical is that?

We are more than happy to broadcast your decision either way across social media for as long as the badger cull’s continue.

Please as a matter of urgency, contact:



Please thank them for suspending purchases with Marriage’s and ask them to insist that Marriages explain exactly how they ended up selling peanuts to a badger cull company IF they are telling the truth and say that they wouldn’t if they knew. How will such a mistake, if it is a mistake be stopped from happening again?

NFU trackers security flaw exposed.

All the shooters involved in the badger cull this year were issued TMT250 tracking devices by the NFU. What’s interesting in light of last weekends phone blockades is that you can see that the shooters all have to ring in to the central “ops room” before they go out shooting and again when they come home.
What we now know is that shooters have to ring in to their local parish organiser as the ops room can’t cope with the high volume of calls that have been made by anti cull protestors, none of the original 16 phone lines now work.

To add insult to injury, the tracking devices that the shooters use have massive security flaws that people on the ground have been exploiting for some time. The bluetooth on the device is constantly on and gives away that a shooter is near you simply by looking at your nearby devices on bluetooth. Waiting at roundabouts, or near petrol stations and crossroads can pay dividends.

You can go further and use BLE Scanner for android or iphone, an instruction manual on how to use that can be found here.
The trackers have a further weakness they operate on a SIM from Luxembourg making their numbers stand out if anyone is using an IMSI catcher. Once you’ve built your imsi catcher you want to get within a mile of a mobile tower, you can find the map here:

What happens next is anybody’s guess, in 2017 when we announced just before the cull that we could track the badger shooters due to their use of Tetra handsets, the cull was strangely put back by two weeks!

Shooters now have to call their local organiser rather than the ops room before going out to kill badgers, so it’s never been more vital to tie down the cull organisers telephones,  call them, sign them up to “request callback” on google searches, put adverts on gumtree, put adverts up in your local supermarket!

If you don’t do it, are you sure someone else will?


We are all volunteers, much of work is just time consuming and so doesn’t cost anything at all, however we do need money for bits of tech hardware AND we always need money for fuel. Please do consider buying us a cup of coffee for £3
Buy Stop the Cull a coffee. – A Buy Me a Coffee Button for Your Content


As many of you will know last night we shut down the cull shooters hq phone centre, they couldn’t take the volume of calls and closed down all 16 lines, in the last few minutes we have been passed on a spreadsheet with the entire voicemail system of the NFU HQ
including the cull ops room!

Note: Dial 02476 858686 then at the recorded message dial *9 then at the next recorded message dial the subsequent digits, waiting for the recorded message to start before each time entering each digit. So for Ops room for instance,the sequence would be 02746858686

The numbers we had up last night for extensions now go to staff voicemail boxes and not the ops centre. If you find the ops centre let us know, send us a private message on facebook.


Entire spreadsheet here.

Look through the last couple of posts in our news section for inspiration on what to do.
And remember, your call really can help save lives, the more calls you make, the better.


NFU call centre destroyed, what’s next?

Yesterday via one of our unknown tech teams (they send stuff in, we don’t know who they are) we recieved intel on the call centre inside the NFU HQ that deals with all the badger cull shooters in the country, every night the shooters log in and ring up if they have any problems.
We asked everyone on both of the “Stop the Cull” facebook pages to ring in and try and block the phonelines, that started at 6:33pm, by 10:10pm all 16 of the phone lines were dead! not engaged, but totally disconnected, we have a theory as to why that happened, which we will explain hopefully tomorrow.

So where does that leave us and where does it leave the hunters?
Well as the old saying goes:
‘In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity’

So the phone blagging went into overdrive, pretending to be from the NFU offices and explaining the outage to shooters and cull directors we gleaned quite a large amount of useful information. What we found out was that the NFU now only speak to local organisers and all the shooters have to ring in to the local them now instead of the central HQ, the tracking devices that all the cull team operatives carry are also suffering with battery life issues and may well get withdrawn.

So how is that useful for us? well the cull directors are frequently the local organisers that the cull teams will be ringing in, so the more we can tie down cull directors phone lines the better ESPECIALLY at weekend evenings, cull teams will be out from 7:15pm (ish) until usually 2am but sometimes as late as 4am. If shooters can’t contact the cull directors to get clearance for the area they are working in, they may well not go out.

Yesterdays change in the system as to how the cull operates is a huge blow to local organisers, we need now more than ever to turn up the pressure with regards to calls to the cull directors, get creative, ring other firms up that abuse animals and pretend to be a cull director and leave their number, ring other cull directors up pretending to be a cull directors, play music down the phone, pretend to be a shooter who is having trouble with protestors etc etc etc

You can find their phone numbers on this map, you can now from the comfort of your own home provide vital back up to the people on the ground out there in the dark tonight and for the next few weeks, it’s worth buying a very cheap PAYG mobile and putting all the cull directors phone numbers in as contacts, then you can fill their lines at your leisure.

Below are a number of calls made by one person, they were done to sow confusion and paranoia, find out information and basically waste time:

This call to Mr. Alford got through to his wife, who was only too happy to provide her husbands mobile phone.

Mrs. Reed is pretending that her husband doesn’t take calls, but is very keen for people to leave a message.

Mrs. Brown finds her husbands photo being up on the internet very funny, she also very wisely points out that you don’t know who you are talking to on the phone..


URGENT; Phone Blockade the killers central number

We have been passed on the central number of the badger cull killers hotline by someone who says they have managed to steal, clone (download all the phones data) and return unnoticed a badger shooters mobile phone.

They gave us a single number to ring, we rang it to authenticate and got the above phone message. We then were suspicious that the phone number may be for a specific region of the country so we tried numbers numerically next to the number given, we now have 16 telephone numbers for the badger cull killers HQ “TB OPS” but ONLY TWO OPERATORS,
dial the number then choose option 2:
02476 939 390
02476 939 391
02476 939 392
02476 939 393 no answer, but did ring
02476 939 394  Derek answered
02476 939 395  Lucy answered
02476 939 396  Lucy answered asking if it was “Mervyn” suggests Devon cull director.
02476 939 397  Derek answered
02476 939 398  Derek answered
02476 939 399
02476 939 400
02476 939 401
02476 939 402
02476 939 403
02476 939 404
02476 939 405

if you call and use 141 before the number then you will still get through, but it may be that they will get wise to blocked calls, so please consider popping to any supermarket now and getting a sim that is the same as your network and popping it into your phone for making these calls, you will also need to go to the checkout and buy a top up voucher for that sim.

You should ring any of the above numbers and then choose option 2, this will put you through to an operator, there can only be a limited number of operators we think just 2 but maybe more as the night begins.

You do not need a contractor number, all you need to do is ring up and start either talking quickly or quietly or normally! just pretend to be involved in the badger cull, either a shooter or a buddy who goes out with a shooter, or a concerned girlfriend/wife, maybe you lost your dog?? anything goes, just keep them on the line FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

We cannot stress how important it is to get the call centre blocked tonight and through the weekend (especially evenings 8pm-2am), if cullers can’t get through then they have no back up, if they have no back up then they shouldn’t be going out at all.

Your small effort could help save many hundreds of lives.

If you are nervous aobut calling, some people find having a stiff drink before making calls can help.

Contractor numbers are in a specific format they start with the letter C followed by 5 numbers.
The first 2 numbers relate to the area so are unlikely to be higher than 43, the following three numbers are likely to be below 300 for smaller size cull zones but could be higher in areas that are particularly large. You don’t need that number, but if you want to have a go at guessing it’s worth a go. It may also be worth pretending to be a cull director, or ringing a cull director and pretending to be from “TB OPS”;
“Hi it’s Derek (or Lucy) from TB ops, you need to cancel all the culling tonight due to a phone blockade, ring me back please”

If you want to get creative, then please consider going onto website and entering any of these landline numbers into sites that you can find by searching “request callback” along with things like “injury claim” “financial advice” “pest control” etc etc

Another tactic is to set up a gumtree account, then advertise something that is desirable, like a large expensive second hand telly for free, cheap apple laptops etc, simply have a quick browse, then search ebay for some pictures to use for your gum tree advert and then use one of the landline numbers above for people to ring.

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