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CPS once again demands that people who are anti hunt MUST resort to their own methods for justice.

If you haven’t heard about the recent case where four hunters attacked saboteurs, you can read about it in the daily mail and watch the video and find out more directly from the sabs here.

So here we are again, with ample video evidence of criminality against well known criminals (3 of the 4 have a string of offences for violence and horse race rigging) getting away with it.

We believe it must be the case that the police, the CPS, magistrates and crown courts do not want to punish people involved in incidents with hunting with hounds. Our only conclusion is that they must want people who are anti hunt to take justice into their own hands, as there are no other options left to us.

Perhaps over time, with enough justice dished out to these vile people, they will start to plead guilty at the first opportunity when facing courts, in the hope that our anger will diminish and they might be left alone.

If you know any other details about the people involved please do email:

The details known at this time, use “141” before dialling to withhold your number:

Philip Makin,
18 Church Street, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 3PA


Richard Tierney,
DWCF Woodlands Farm, Snainton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO13 9BA
landline: 01723 859327


Mr R H Robertson Tierney,
DWCF Woodlands Farm, Snainton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO13 9BA
landline: 01723 859327
mobile: 07967 891 365


Roger Marley
Church Farm, Ratten Row, Langtoft, Driffield, YO25 3TL

His wife Ruth was part of their earlier criminal conspiracy to rig races:
Ruth’s twitter:

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Based in Osmington near Weymouth Craigs Farm Dairy boast to be one of the few remaining local free range dairies. Established for over 30 years and supplying milk, butter and ice cream to local homes and many businesses. Their products can be found in many shops for miles around so those who live locally or visit will have seen their products for sale. The farm, East Farm, in Osmington is not their only farm and there is another in Church Knowle called Barnston Farm with Craigs Farm Dairy signage on clear display.

Sadly their free range effect does not extend to the badgers living on their land because they have signed up to the badger cull ! Trap’s have been found on the farm in Osmington and a well decomposed badger was found just outside a sett, the farmers have managed to spend time baiting and setting traps but not to remove the body of a badger that has been there for quite some time. These trap’s were set to kill in a field full of grazing cows and not far from a well used public footpath with some of the most stunning views in Dorset, a dirty little secret nestled on the farm hidden from all those who come to enjoy the local views and walks. Traps were also found on land by Barnston Farm in Church Knowle and these were also set to kill.

In addition to the produce they supply Craigs Farm Dairy have a farm shop and tea room at East Farm in Osmington.

They have a Facebook page which makes for an interesting read, especially a post from April 2017 where they have used a quote which includes the words “ Good farmers conserve wildlife “ if this is the case then the farmers at Craigs Farm Dairy are very bad farmers …. they are certainly not conserving one of the UK’s most iconic species !! Please let them know your thoughts on them being part of the barbaric badger cull either by phone 01305 834 591 or via facebook or website. Buying their products from your local shops, visiting their farm shop or cafe or using businesses that use their products means you are supporting the badger cull !

Their facebook page can be found here …… Caigsfarmdairy

Their website can be found here …

Thirty thousand badgers in new zones NOT targeted, due to direct action.

During the Krebs trials of the late 90’s early 00’s the badger population was usually around 10-12 badgers perKm2. This would mean even without the fabled “badger population explosion” that the pro cull farmers always talk about, that if you wanted to kill 70% of the badger population, you’d need to kill at least 7 badgers in every Km2 of any new cull zone.

When the culls started in 2013, Gloucestershire was trying to kill at least 9.32 badgers perKm2, In Somerset it was 8.1 badger perKm2 had they managed to achieve that and carried on killing at that rate, the amount of badgers based at the lower Somerset population rate, just in new zones this year would be:
5,627 km2 x 8.1 badgers perKm2 =
45,578 badgers minimum to be killed IN JUST THE TEN NEW AREAS. Many tens of thousands more would be added to that for the other ongoing 21 cull zones.

The actual number they are trying to kill this year in the ten new areas is 15,182.

This video tries to explain what happened over the years and shows how year on year as the minimum targets have been widely missed, the following years the targets have been lowered to try and show the culls as “effective”.

You can find all the government data for the culls on this link.

The only thing thats been effective, is our sabotage methods, cullers are scared to go out and cage trappers don’t dare put cages on top of setts as they are too easy for us to find.

If you’d like to support us, please consider becomig a patron, which you can do for just $1 a month about 75p. Our patreon page is here.

Killing in the strawberry fields.

Fragrant and juicy, there’s something so quintessentially English about strawberries and those long sunny summer days.
Known to be locally grown and available in supermarkets within hours of being picked they have that unmistakable fresh smell and flavour. However a terrible dark side to strawberry production in Staffordshire has been discovered.
Tom and Val Busby originally established soft fruit production at Dearnsdale Farm in Staffordshire. It’s one of many fruit farms owned by the extended Busby family in the wider area.
They focus on growing strawberries in polytunnels. These have proved to be very unpopular with many of their neighbours because of the noise and disturbance generated, in the peace of the countryside, by the wind and rain beating against the plastic sheeting even for long periods when the polytunnels are not in use.
Son Thomas and daughter Claire now oversee the Busby family operation which produces over 1200 tonnes of soft fruit per season. This is to fulfil their main contract with Tesco stores in the region as well as with other Busby clients such as Chatsworth Farm Shop.
Badger protectors have found cage traps in strawberry fields belonging to the Busby’s. The very same type of trap that held the innocent victim who was filmed being brutally shot at point blank range recently.
That blameless badger condemned by cruel ruthless politicians, cruel greedy landowners, the cruel ignorant NFU and cruel lazy farmers. That badger who represents so many thousands of other badgers. That badger who suffered a horrific and lingering death.
Soft fruit is not at risk of bTB nor do the Busby family farm dairy or beef herds alongside their horticultural businesses.
Like us, you may be wondering why established and successful strawberry growing horticulturalists, who supply a major supermarket like Tesco amongst other well known and esteemed outlets, are involved in badger culling?
Why would they be willing to risk their reputation and have the quality of their produce forever questioned for being known as tainted with the blood of innocent badgers?
You can ask them those questions as well as any others you may have here:
01785 780715
You can also ask Tesco why their strawberry supplier is involved in the badger cull and whether Tesco believes this will be acceptable to their customers:
Please make full use of the Freepost address below.
UK customer enquiries
Tesco Customer Services
Freepost SCO2298
Dundee DD1 9NF
Tel: +44 (0) 800 505555
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Badgers in vineyard now safe!

Last night at 10pm we exposed Wodetone Vineyard as being part of the badger cull, today they responded to emails saying that they were no longer involved in the cull.

This is incredible news and proves beyond doubt that the exposing of people involved in the cull, can and does save lives.If you would like to support us, all of our patrons recieve a weekly digest on fridays, you can support us for just $1 a month (about 75p, the patreon site is based in America, we are based in the UK)

On Tue, 9 Oct 2018, 14:14 Mary Riddle, <> wrote:


As you probably realise we have received a lot of email about our involvement in the badger cull, and we would like to reply to them all with the following.
We were approached last year by local farmers, who told us their cows and livelihoods were suffering due to TB. We have no cows ourselves so it was of no benefit for us to join; however we have known these farmers for many years and trusted their judgment. Of course ignorance is not an excuse and we allowed our land to be included as long as we didn’t have to participate in any way. We attended no meetings and have not been involved in any of the process.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we now realise this was a mistake. You are correct that we even promoted badgers on our website and that is an oversight that will be corrected. We have spoken to the relevant people and the cull on our land has been stopped and will not happen again in the future either.

Bideford Badger Cull Shooters

the 2 main organisers of the local area cull around Bideford in Devon:
Ross Hedden.
The Barton, Weare Gifford, Bideford, Devon. EX39 4QP
01234 235167
Vimeo video

John.T Bellew, (OLD MILL CLIENT)
Tennacott Farm, Tennacott Lane, Bideford, Devon, EX39 4QD
01237 472526
and below are 2 shooters who also are out in the the area killing badgers.
Mark Gregory Hedden
Park Farm Park Hill Weare Gifford EX39 4QY

uses a John Deer Gattor or he uses an Artificial Insemination van which is owned by the company he works for.


 Mark Dymond
Hillcrest Road, East – the – Water, Bideford EX39 4DQ
drives a  dark sliver  mitsubishi  L200 truck  reg   WD14 OOU


Badger Cull peanut supplier, 1 tonne at a time.

Tucked away in the quaint little village of Colerne is a Mr. Moorhen, he sells peanuts to badger cull farmers by the tonne (1000kg).

The badger culls could fail with enough disruption in any part of the supply chain, whether thats cages or peanuts or the bullets.

Mr. Moorhen, 3 Martins Croft, Colerne, Chippenham Wiltshire SN14 8DS.
Tel: 01225 745703.
Mobile: 07795 373433
Twitter: @DairyConsultant

We paid him a visit, to check out what sort of house you can buy with the blood of thousands of dead badgers. Only a small garden, which seemed strange considering the house is worth over £400k.

Perhaps no one should be surprised that finding his address was simplicity itself, a quick check of the Old Mill client list and there he is.


Police helping to kill badgers.

This is an old image from 2010, when officers escorted badger killers onto land in Wales so they could kill. They had to go in mob handed due to local protests, in fact there was so many people protesting that the cull never got under way in that area properly and had to be abandoned.

Fast forward 8 years to today and has anything changed? it seems not, although the police often state that they are in the zones to facilitate lawful protest, the reality is often very different.

This year police are stretched much further, as government cuts have bitten deeper into their budget, so it does seem odd that the diminished police forces think they can bully us, but thats exactly what two forces have tried to do over the weekend.

On Friday night in Wiltshire, two people sat in a car were arrested, the police at no point in time suggested that they had done anything wrong, they were arrested for “intending” to steal and commit criminal damage. The evidence? a sticker found in the car saying “sab the cull”.

In the hours before the arrest, 4 police cars were seen and gangs of officers spotted patrolling constantly around a single farm, we aren’t sure if there is a connection, but the farm is a client of “Old Mill” the acountants whose client list was recently leaked.

The police held them overnight and released them the next day, in the process of interview it became obvious that there was not one piece of evidence to suggest these two people had done anything unlawful at all. That hasn’t stopped the police from taking thermal imaging equipment, mobile phones and radios and keeping hold of it, they have refused to give it back and told those arrested it may take 6 weeks (after the cull has finished)

One of the people arrested was taking medication, the police refused access to their meds for nearly two hours. Neither of them were given food for the 12 hours they were in either.

Please do pop over to Wilts police facebook page and tell them your thoughts.

Meanwhile over in Devon, the police there have had a similar idea of trying to stop activists, by issuing a “section 35” notice, effectively stopping a specific group of people from going into an area. That area is a farm, where we can expect shooters to be out in force tonight killing as many badgers as they like undisturbed.

That farm is also a client of Old Mill, a coincidence? we don’t know.

What we do know is that a Chief Inspector signed off on this section 35 notice and this particular CI is well known to us for being very much on side with the hunting fraternity.

You can find Devon and Cornwall Police on facebook here.

We will not be bullied by the police, nor will we stand idly by and allow people to kill badgers with the police protecting them. If police want to crack down on us, they need to have a long hard think about what the consequences will be.

Massive GDPR breach from Badger Killer’s accountants.

The badger cull companies are run by small groups of farmers, those farmers that organise have to correctly account for all the money they take from the hundreds of farmers who have paid, in each of the cull zones.

This money runs into the hundreds of thousands in many zones, which in turn runs into millions over the entire country. We can exlusively reveal that one company is doing the majority of the accountancy work and is earning considerable fee’s in the process.

That company is “Old Mill” they have offices in, Exeter, Yeovil, Wells and Melksham. As a firm they are well respected in the accountancy industry, generating £19 million in fees  has put them into the top 50 high earners. Number 35, we wonder where they will be next year.

We have recieved an anonymous email, that reveals the extent to which the company is involved with badger cull organisers and also reveals a shocking breach in GDPR for all of their 7,000+ clients. The email to us:

“In early July this year, whilst doing google research on a specific director of the badger culls, we came across a link to a spreadsheet on the old mill website:

after downloading it and looking through it, we were very surprised to find that all of their 2017 clients details were listed. Further research has shown that 29 of the cull companies use this firm as their accountants. Although the link to the spreadsheet was eventually removed, we still have a copy and are emailing it to anti cull groups across the country.”

The ramifications of this breach in GDPR should not be underestimated, the ICO could in theory fine the company many millions of pounds. The breached data can be found here.

Not only could the ICO fine them, but every single one of their clients is now entitled to compensation.

It is worth remembering, if you are involved in the killing of badgers, in any way, shape or form. Your involvement could become public at any point in time.

Listed below are the 61 badger cull company directors who are on the spreadsheet:

(you can buy us a single cup of coffee here. If you’d like to support us with a montly payment of just 75p you can sign up at, all our patrons recieve a weekly digest of the weeks news, every week on Friday)


Dan Britten (Not listed but his parents are. Same address.)

Paul William Candy (Listed under Mr & Mrs T. Candy but goes on to say “Dear Terry, Di & Paul” so he is included.)



Robert Harris

Graham Fernley George Kivell (Not listed but the farm is listed under R Kivell.)



Christopher Awdry (Listed under Mr & Mrs P. Awdry but goes on to say “Dear Pat, Jill and Chris”. The address listed is P & J Awdry & Son, Spiers Piece Farm, Steeple Ashton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. BA14 6HG)

Patricia Holloway

Jonathan Jesse Ovens (not listed but there is a listing for Mr & Mrs J M Ovens, Norrington Gate Farm. Same postcode as Arkula Cottage.)



Peter James Shallcross (Also Mr M Shallcross. Same address, separate listing.)



John Robert Barrett Bowditch

William Robert Frost (Not listed but his father Tim Frost is listed at Childhay Manor. Tim and William are both directors of Childhay Farming Ltd)

John Peter Thomas Reed

John Hellier George Smith


BHR Resources Ltd

Henry Claude Winwood Robinson



James Hazell

George Withers



Trevor Owen Cligg

George Bright Holmes


DCX Services Ltd

Peter Geoffrey Francis Howlett (Listed as P & P Howlett & Son Farming Limited, Larkhays Farm which is across the road from Woodhuish Farm.)



Robert Hislop

Jane Lewis

Charles Reis (Listed at The Manor Farm, Compton Bassett, Calne, Wiltshire. SN11 8SW but probably him. If not, definitely a relative.)



William Brown

Richard Charles Butler

Timothy Guy Carson

Thomas Hugh Maidment



Daniel Robert Alford (Listed as R D Alford.)



James Richard Cossins

William Dickson (Listed at The Granary, Wick Lane, Downton. Same postcode as Wick Farm.)


Ever Autumn Ltd

Keith Nicholas Barrow

Alan Frank Dyer (Not listed but the farm is listed under Mr I. Dyer.)


Exton Care Ltd

Geoffrey Ware (Not listed but there is a listing for R J Ware at Lower Gamblyn Farm which has the same postcode.)


Fru Serv Ltd

Paul Charles Gould


G, F & B Ltd

Jonathan Geoffrey Gibbins (Not listed but the farm is listed under Mr & Mrs G M Gibbins.)


HNV Associates Ltd

Rupert Michael Dod


ISCA Vale Ltd

Anthony Michael “Tony” Overhill (Listed as T Overhill, Greenslade Taylor Hunt, 5 Fore Street, Tiverton, Devon. EX16 6LN)

John Richard Stanbury (Not listed but the farm is listed under R Stanbury which will be his son Richard and the business is listed as J R & R A & R D Stanbury which obviously includes John.)

Guy Richard Thomas-Everard (Listed as Mr Everard.)


JRD Westcountry Ltd

David Westcott Gillbard

Mervyn John Selley



Andrew David Kellow


Lime Environmental Ltd

Alison Kate Habberfield

Charles Gilbert Stanbury



Anthony George Hosford

Lady Helen Clare Lees (Not listed under her name but is listed under Mr C J Lees at the same address.)

Howard Jonathan Mason

Ralph Edward Messenger

Michael John Watkins


MPL Solutions Ltd

Haydn Garrett (Listed under Mr & Mrs K. Garrett but goes on to say “Dear Keith, Maureen & Haydn”.)

Nicholas James Hector (Could be. There is a Nick and Rachel Hector listed at Withypool Farm, Barrows Drove, Cocklake, Wedmore, Somerset. BS28 4HF)

James Edward Small



Andrew Charles Cole

Margaux Elanor Manners (Not listed but Mr R J Manners is listed at the same address.)


Tor Group Ltd

Deborah Jayne Lewis (Not listed but there is a Mr Lewis listed at Higher Witchells which has the same postcode.)

Andrew Robin May (Not listed individually. Listed under Mr B B May / May Brothers Limited.)

Paul Robert Tucker (Listed under Messrs T J & P R Tucker.)


Violetcountry Ltd

Kevin Paul Bateman

Michael John Pring

Mark Joseph Weekes (Misspelled Weeks on the spreadsheet.)



Derek Garrett (Not listed but there is a listing for Mr C F Garrett at the same address.)

Michael Weaver (Not listed but there is a listing for Mr R J Weaver at the same address.)


Willseedton Club Ltd

Michael John Malseed

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